Alex Harris


Digital Sunset

Digital Sunset is a mobile app for capturing the sunset on your smartphone. The capture happens with a custom javascript gradient creator, and the resulting image can then be saved and/or submitted to the gallery. The app is served via Sinatra, running on Heroku. Visit the site in a browser for the explanation, or a phone for the app itself.

Git Chess

Git Chess is a system for playing chess via the Git version control system. Players play a game of chess by modifying a text document containing an ASCII approximation of a chess board, and then pushing their move to the git repository, where the other player can pull down the latest state of the game board. A game can be played entirely through the terminal. Git Chess is meant to be both an exploration of alternate ways of sharing and interacting via version control systems, as well as a fun exercise in futility.

Tweets 2 SVG

Tweets 2 SVG is a collaborative digital artwork built with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and Twitter. An SVG is rendered based on paths and shapes that are tweeted @tweets2svg. Anyone can contribute by tweeting a valid vector object. Tweets 2 SVG explores the usability of Twitter as a collaborative tool for visual art, but is pretty much useless because no one wants to figure out SVG path syntax.

Tweet String Search

Tweet String Search is a tool for searching a user's twitter account for tweets that contain a specific string in non-adjacent characters. It is basically twitter search for the tinfoil hat set, because you never know who might a be l listening i to e your n tweets s. It might be a goofy exercise in random patterns, or it might be an important cryptanalytic tool. The truth is out there.

Some Tunes

Some Tunes is a web app that aims to improve access to the audio used when learning a musical instrument. Audio files are stored on Amazon S3 (the cloud!) so they are accessible across devices, related files can be grouped together, and the playback interface is easy to use with an instrument in hand.

Website For This Artshow

Website For This Artshow is a hand-written calligraphic recreation of the entire source of, as well as the site, which consists of a single animated gif of a cartoon man in a business suit helicoptering his jacket around his head. Signage prompts the user to visit the site on their smartphone while viewing the markup. The goal is to encourage non-technical viewers to think about how websites are made, as well as reflect on how society records and stores information over time.

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